jueves, 30 de junio de 2011

Nuevo Firmware para el S800H

Este nuevo firmware trae unas mejoras "importantes" desde el punto de vista de cada uno, como un panel de control via web y subscripcion a videos

Solo se puede actualizar desde las versiones r4681 o r5215.

Important: Can only be updated if your current firmware version is r4681 or r5215

[Bug fix]

Fix win7 shared folders issue
Fix schedule record problem of some channel which included special characters
Add option to eject USB drive (press option button on main menu)
Remove option "auto detect encoding"
[New feature]

Video podcast subscribe and download
Remote control function from PC (Web page)
--Turn on BT and remote control in network setup menu
--Type '' to get the web page (As for example if your IP address is '') or by default 'http://emtec:1024'
--You can find your IP address in setup/network menu once connected to the network.

Aqui dejo la url del firmware oficial